Designing Your Dream Bedroom

The best place to design your bedroom is undoubtedly in your bedroom.

To be able to visualise what will fit and how it will look is with the help of an experienced bedroom designer using a computer aided design (CAD) system right there in your bedroom.

This will allow you to visualise your finished fitted bedroom in 3D so that you get a good idea of just how your bedroom will look once installed.

The Problems With Bedrooms

Bedroom Features

Bedrooms usually have there own unique problems to overcome, such as windows close to the corners of the room, sloping ceilings, chimney breasts, ensuite doors talking up wall space, radiators in awkward positions – and that is before you have considered the size of the bed and where it is best positioned!


Ceiling heights vary enormously, in both old and new homes. That is why any bedroom manufacturer worth their salt will offer you a fully bespoke solution, with all wardrobes, drawers, dressing tables and bedside units made to any height, width and depth.

Available Space

Of course, the room itself is only half of the challenge – it is your needs and storage requirements, as well as the look you want that is more important than the physical size and shape of your room.

An experienced bedroom designer will have come across any challenges that your room might present many times before and will know how to overcome them.

Bergen Mirrored Wardrobes - Birch Bedrooms

3 Things To Do Before Your Design Appointment

1) Look At Your Existing Wardrobes

Before your design appointment, it is a good idea to throw back your existing wardrobe doors, open your cupboards and drawers and consider exactly what you need to store in your new fitted furniture, and how you want to store it; for instance, some people hang their shirts, others fold them, some have a collection of long dresses needing full-length hanging.

Most wardrobes these days require only a small amount of full length hanging, with most of the space better utilised for double rails or shelving.

2) Storage For Non-Clothing Items

Wardrobes also have to provide a home for more than just clothes, with suitcases, sewing machines, sports equipment and the like. Full height wardrobes allow for storage of items that are required less often high up above shelving and hanging.

3) The Need For Drawers?

Drawer space can be incorporated in the wardrobes, but where possible it is usually best fitted separately in the room, to give the most wardrobe space, with the drawers perhaps forming a dressing table and bedside units.

Awkward Room Fitted Wardrobes - Birch Bedrooms

Your Bedroom, Your Design

Birch Bedrooms’ approach is to design your bedroom in your bedroom with you taking part in the design process.

Your ideas and requirements are discussed, options are suggested, described and shown to you on the CAD system, allowing you to see and understand all possibilities.

It is not unusual for a couple of favourite designs to go on to be costed, but usually, the design process crystallises into the perfect room design.

The Birch approach is to “design it like you’ve won it in a competition” and come up with the perfect design without initially worrying about the final price, which is usually a pleasant surprise.

Once the layout of the room is settled upon, it is time to choose the finish, door style and handles. Once those decisions are made, your bedroom can be made and fitted in just a few weeks.

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