Whether you work from home full or part-time, or just want somewhere to organise your everyday use of your computer, printer and associated paper, inks etc., dedicated office space is almost a must these days. Of course, you can work on your lap (how many of us use a laptop on our lap!) or the dining table, but it is so much nicer to have everything to hand when and where you need it, and also not to have to completely pack away halfway through an important task so that dinner can be served! We all need to store important documents too, so filing drawers or cupboard space for box files make life so much easier when it is time to lay your hands on that important insurance form, passport or gas bill.

Lisbon Corner Office - Birch Bedrooms

The question is how to find the space within your home to create a home office. The reality, even in the busiest households is that there is often somewhere where a home office desk can be fitted, but the design is all-important to make use of the available space. You may have a spare bedroom that could be fitted with stylish home office furniture using the latest contemporary home office ideas, but that would still allow room for a bed (or perhaps sofa bed?) for when your friends come to stay. You may have a space under the stairs that could be utilised and fitted with some unique, stylish and practical home office furniture, with space for filing drawers, a work area and shelving.

The secret to creating bespoke furniture to organise your home office is that it needs to be made to measure – it is very unlikely that anything off the shelf is going to work well for you. If you want a large corner desk for your home office or home office cupboards then a fully bespoke fitted home office is the answer. Birch Bedrooms can make your fitted home office to any size, often managing to find space for a large corner desk for your home office where you wouldn’t have thought it possible.

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It can be hard to know where to start, and you may be asking yourself: what are the latest contemporary home office ideas? Where can I desk for my home office? How do I organise a home office desk? The way to answer those questions is to have a free 3D computer CAD design from Birch Bedrooms. We use our experience and expertise to show you how you can make the best use of the space that you have available.

Your home office can include filing drawers, generous desk space for you to use your favourite leather swivel chair, drawers, cupboards and shelving. Wall cupboards can have glazed doors or be open for access to filing boxes and files. If you run your business or work from home, you can have a place to keep everything without making your home look like a commercial space. Your computer, printer and scanner can be left in place ready to go, and you can organise your wires and cables neatly and tidily.

Birch Bedrooms have a wide choice of finishes to choose from to suit your home. Light and airy colours, a choice of wood finishes or high gloss – the choice is yours. All are practical and hard-wearing as well as beautiful to look at. You can choose from traditional or contemporary home office furniture with door designs to suit you and your home.

The solution to organising your home office is – Birch Bedrooms!

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