Birch Bedroom’s Secret Weapon: Bespoke Furniture Design

We make fully bespoke fitted bedroom furniture simple – it is our thirty-four years of experience though that has made it so straightforward! What that means for you is that you can have whatever design you want to be made for your bedroom regardless of its nooks and crannies, sloping ceilings, inconveniently positioned windows and doors and out of level floors. Custom-made fitted furniture is what we do, day in, day out and have done since 1986. Bespoke bedroom furniture is about you and your style as well as the size and shape of your room. Room heights vary tremendously too – there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ room height. We can make any height of wardrobe required, and the taller they are, the more interior options and storage you can have.

Venice Design - Birch Bedrooms

Making bespoke furniture in the UK requires moving with the times to provide quality, choice and value for money. We still combine traditional techniques such as hand finishing where required, with the latest technology to enable precise bespoke bedroom furniture to be made for a sensible price. We source the finest materials, fittings and finishes for a beautiful trouble-free finish that we are proud to guarantee for ten years. Our guarantee means something as a secure and long-established family business.

The design of your fitted bedroom has to take into account what you want to put away, and how you want to do it. Perhaps you want lots of shorter hanging space with a small length of long hanging so double rails will be in order, or perhaps you hang your trousers full-length so require three-quarter length hanging with shelves above. Some people hang their shirts and blouses, some fold them and require drawers or shelving in their wardrobes – the interior of your wardrobes will be customised to suit your exact needs. It is not unusual to come across customers with quite a few pairs of shoes to put away, and we have solutions for those too!

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A complete fitted bedroom is not just about wardrobes of course. In most cases, the wardrobe space is best utilised for hanging and shelving, so drawer space is important as separate pieces of furniture designed into the layout of the room. Low cupboards can also provide useful additional storage while still allowing your bedroom to feel open and spacious. Drawer and cupboard space also provides surfaces for you to display your favourite ornaments and photos, and a dressing table is often designed into the layout to provide an area for your makeup and hair care equipment – essentials in today’s world!

The size of your bed will be one of the first things to take into account when we discuss your fitted bedroom design. Double beds vary from the standard double at four foot six inches to king sizes at five feet, and occasionally super-king at six foot. It is important in the design to make sure that there is room to make the bed easily and move around the bedroom with ease. Bedside cabinets are important to give you a place to keep your most personal items close to hand, as well as your phone, book or iPad perhaps. Matching headboards are easily incorporated into your fitted bedroom design.

Lisbon Office - Birch Bedrooms

As well as your clothes, you will perhaps want a place to keep other items such as suitcases, sports kit, sewing machines – the list is endless, but we can custom make and fit exactly what you need. It is important though to make sure that there is a place for everything, and that everything can be easily put in its place. That is why it is vital that your bespoke fitted bedroom is designed with you, your possessions and the physical shape and size of your room in mind.


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