6 Reasons To Choose Sliding Door Wardrobes

There may be practical reasons to choose between a sliding door or hinged door wardrobe, but we think that the best reason is simply that you prefer the look of one or the other! Both have their merits, and both can be made to measure to fit your bedroom or dressing room.

1) Seamless Design

Sliding doors can be perfect for a long, elegant run of wardrobes, and may help where there is not enough room to open a hinged door; However sliding door wardrobes have to sit a little deeper into the room as the doors need to pass one behind the other, so hinged doors on fold-back hinges can often use the space just as well. 

The large door panels of sliding doors allow you to create dramatic designs, or to use large areas of mirror to spread light into your room, while also letting you get a good look at yourself in your latest outfit too.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Sliders Birch Bedroom

2) Effortless Quality

Large doors will glide silently and effortlessly on quality fitted furniture. The best and most trouble-free sliding doors run on tracks mounted on top of the wardrobes, away from any dust on the floor.

It is worth investing in a quality top-hung system for a long, trouble-free life.

Soft-close is a luxurious must to ensure a gentle, quiet closing of your doors even when shut with a bit too much enthusiasm! 

3) Various Finishes

Doors can be solid panels in your choice of finish or split into a mix of colours. Birch Bedrooms make a unique ‘Wave’ design featuring elegant curves and shaped mirror panels blended into a unique design to give you something different from the norm.

4) Versatile Interiors

As they are usually made to the full height of the room, the interiors of sliding wardrobes are completely versatile and can be divided as you need.

You can accommodate double hanging rails one above the other with sufficient drop to both rails allowing you to achieve an amazing amount of hanging rail space in a short run.

The wide wardrobes created by the sliding doors allow the interior to be divided up exactly as you need, so that if you only need a small area of say, full length hanging rail, you can have that fitted and then dedicate the rest to a mix of double hanging, shelving and drawers to best suit your style. 

Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobe Birch Bedrooms

5) Fit Awkward Spaces

Even angled ceilings can be accommodated into a sliding door wardrobe design, with the doors shaped to the precise angle of your ceiling.

Matching bespoke fitted furniture can be incorporated into the bedroom design, with dressing tables, chests of drawers, cupboards and bedside units made to match to give a coordinated fitted look. 

6) Straightforward Installation

Sliding wardrobes can be are usually straightforward to install with the minimum of fuss and disruption, with most installations being completed in just one day, and left ready for you to safely put your treasured clothes away in their new home!

Birch Bedrooms offer a free computer aided design (CAD) service in your home to show you how much storage you can achieve and how it might look.


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