Shaker Style Is Centuries Old A Favourite

Fashions can be slow to change in the world of fitted bedroom furniture, but new finishes come and go over the years, and new door designs surge in popularity only to gradually fade back into obscurity. Some designs though remain firm favourites through the years, keeping their place in the top ten of wardrobe door styles. Favourite amongst them is the Shaker style door, the definition of simple elegance.

The Shaker style originally comes from a religious group formed in the 18th century known as Shakers due to the movements that they used in their worship. The premise of the style is that it should be elegant, but plain and unadorned by decorative features, and it is this simple elegance that still appeals today.

30 Styles of Shaker Bedroom Finishes

Birch Bedrooms offer a quality Shaker style bedroom in thirty different finishes. The wardrobes and doors are made to any size, and Birch adds an element of hand finishing, with a two-part door construction bonded together to guarantee that the doors stay flat and straight regardless of size. 

The Shaker range is made a little thicker than the majority of the ranges available for this reason, which adds to their presence. The Birch Bedrooms Shaker range is available across the full range, from full-height wardrobes, tallboys, chests of drawers, dressing tables and bedside units. Every piece is made as a one-off and is fully bespoke.

Shaker Study Design Birch Bedrooms

Simple On The Outside Design

Shaker wardrobes are by design simple on the outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t let your imagination run riot on the inside! The interior of your Shaker wardrobe can be customised to suit your exact needs. Full length hanging alone doesn’t usually make the best use of the wardrobe interior, so it is usual to have just enough to cope with your long dresses, long skirts, coats etc., and to then add double rails, one above the other to double up on the hanging rail space for shorter items, which form the majority of most clothes. 

Functional On The Inside

You can then add areas of shelving and/or drawers for those items which you prefer to fold rather than hang. Customising the interior fittings of your wardrobe is every bit as important as deciding on the layout of the room.

Drawers, dressing tables and bedside units are also an important part of the design of a Shaker fitted bedroom. It is worth designing the full layout of the room to include these items before deciding on the interior arrangement of your wardrobes, as it usually makes sense to see how many of your clothes can be stored in drawers, and then maximise the amount of hanging rail as this is what most rooms struggle to provide.

Adding The Finishing Touches

Having decided on the layout of your room, and decided that Shaker is the look that you want, then you can choose to either stick with the ethos of the Shaker movement and choose a simple, unadorned handle, or break the rules a little and add something a little more exciting – it is your bedroom after all! 

Shaker Smoked Elm Fitted Bedroom Furniture

The same applies to the finish that you choose; You can go for a traditional heritage finish (greys are very popular at the moment) but it is not unknown for the odd high gloss Shaker bedroom to go through the factory!

You can also choose to add mirror doors to the design, with the mirrors set into the door from the rear to maintain the Shaker style. Mirror doors can be full length, split by the doors centre rail, or set in the top panel with a solid bottom panel for a traditional look.

You can choose Shaker style for your fitted bedroom furniture knowing that it will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Contact us now to find more about this timeless furniture style. 

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