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Many of us have found ourselves working from home in recent months, and for lots of us that is going to be the new normal. Of course for a short while you can make-do working on the dining table or dressing table, but if this is going to be the way forward, then it isn’t going to be practical to clear away the laptop and paperwork when it is time for dinner! You may be lucky enough to have a dedicated room or area where you can set up your home office, but you would be surprised how Birch Bedrooms can fit a practical office solution into an unused corner or that space under the stairs.  Being fully made to measure means that you can achieve a work area along with the storage you need for files, paperwork, printer, scanner and computer into otherwise unused space.

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You may have a spare room that has perhaps become a dumping ground over the years. That is the perfect space to fit a custom made home office solution that means you can close the door on work when you have finished but pick up straight away the next day. Your commute is from the breakfast table to your purpose built desk! Your computer, printer and scanner can be easily fitted in to your bespoke fitted furniture along with filing drawers, cupboards and book shelves. A place for everything and everything in its place. That way you can keep your work life and your home life completely seperate.

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